F.A.Q. Other Products
- Accident, Dental, Critical Illness, Disability, Vision

Accident Policies are low cost policies that pay for the medical costs associated with an accident up to specified policy maximums per accident usually $5,000 to $10,000. The policies usually pay in addition to any other coverage and the funds may be used to pay medical expense or for any other purpose. These policies are especially valuable for families with children, people who play sports or engage in other activities where there is risk. Premiums are based on the of people covered but are generally under $50 per month for a family with $10,000 per accident of coverage.

These policies are excellent supplements to traditional medical plans, particularly those with higher deductible medical plans. They also are an economical option for individuals and families that do not have or cannot afford major medical coverage.

What is a Limited Benefit Plan?

Limited Benefit Plans are an option for individuals and families that have (i) preexisting medical conditions and would not be able to qualify for or (ii) may not be able to afford traditional major medical plans. Limited benefit plans are generally have no or limited underwriting or are guaranteed issue They generally will not cover preexisting conditions for 12 months, but after that time those conditions will be covered.

Limited Benefit plans differ from traditional plans in that they pay a set dollar benefit for a medical service. For example, a plan may pay $75 for a doctor’s office visit, $1,000 for a surgical procedure and $1,000 per day for hospital stays.-

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