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Court of Appeals Declaring PPACA (ObamaCare) Unconstitutional

Blog Section: U.S. Politics & Debate

Posted by KJK

By a two to one margin three judge panel from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta declared the individual mandate that requires everyone to buy health insurance unconstitutional. This makes it all the more clear that this issue will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court. What is important to note that none of the three judges is considered to have a strong ideological position. The majority ruled that Congress had gone too far in mandating the purchase of a service, just because one is alive. However, the dissenting judge said that the Constitution had grown over the years and Congress has the power to do almost what ever it wants. This ruling clearly illustrates the core issue. That is simply are their limits to the power of Congress and the Executive or not? Does the expansion of power of Congress and the Executive over the past 50 years give them the authority to mandate every aspect of our daily lives? Does the Constitution mean what it says or not? A logical next step would be mandating the eating of certain foods and banning of others? Where does it stop? At this time nobody knows.


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